Mac Logicboard repair services

Cleaning or reworking any MacBook logicboard which had a liquid damaged in Thailand

MacBook Liquid spill

Your MacBook just had a liquid spill? Follow our advice and turn it off right away then send it to us ASAP. A liquid damage MacBook won't fix itself with rice or by drying it with a fan. Even if it decides to turn on afterwards, there is a 99% chance that corrosion/moisture will build up on the logicboard and that the MacBook will fail within weeks/months. It needs a chemical bath in an ultrasonic cleaner and possibly some component level rework. The longer you wait, the less chance you have to get it fixed.

Finding the cause of a MacBook, iMac or MacMini not turning/powering on in Thailand

Not powering on

Your MacBook is not powering on? You did try a different charger and already did an SMC reset with no luck? Apple tells you that your MacBook, iMac or MacMini logicboard is faulty?! A No-Power issue on a MacBook, iMac or MacMini can be caused by either a short circuit or either moisture/corrosion building up somewhere on the logicboard, preventing current from flowing into the different ICs on the PCB. If your MacBook never had liquid spill, a no-power issue can usually be fixed within a day.

Troubleshooting random shutdown or restart caused by a faulty Mac logicboard in Thailand

Random Shutdown or restart

You are experiencing random shutdowns or restarts even after a fresh macOS installation. You have also already tried replacing the RAM sticks and the hard drive but are still experiencing the same problem. Then it sounds like a Logicboard issue. We will inspect the logicboard under the microscope for any signs of corrosion or damaged ICs/components. If none shows up damaged visually, we will run different diagnostic tools to narrow the problem and find the cause of the restart within the minimum amount of time.

Diagnosing MacBook with a charging issue even after a battery replacement in Thailand

MacBook doesn't charge

Your MacBook doesn't charge. The MagSafe light stays green even after an SMC reset and a battery replacement. Most likely it has to be the Logicboard. The charging process is handle by the logicboard and its different ICs to control the amount of current going in and being sent to the battery. If any sensor gets triggered, the charging process will be stopped. Not charging issues have a turn around time of a day average.

Diagnosing a no video or backlight issue on a MacBook or iMac in Thailand

No image/backlight on screen

You can hear your MacBook or iMac startup chime but you are getting nothing on the screen, even after a screen replacement. There are 2 different issues possible for this. It's either a no backlight issue where you can get a picture on the screen but so dark that you can barely see it (no brightness) or either a no picture issue at all issue. In any case, if the screen has already been confirmed good or replaced, then the logicboard is the culprit. No backlight issues are usually fixed within a day. No picture issues are more complex problems and may need more time to be solved.

Diagnosing a no trackpad no keyboard problem on a MacBook in Thailand

Keyboard/trackpad not working

Your MacBook is still having an issue with its trackpad or keyboard even after having these parts replaced? We can now confirm that it's a logicboard problem. Both are connected to the logicboard and handled by its USB controller. If connecting a USB keyboard/trackpad works, then the USB controller on the logicboard works fine and the problem lies between the connector and the controller. If no USB device will work, most likely the controller on the logicboard is blown and needs to be reworked.


Your MacBook, iMac or MacMini Logicboard is dead and Apple gave you a repair bill of 20 000 bahts or more?!
Contact us first and we will fix your Logicboard for a much cheaper rate.
It doesn't make sense to replace a whole board if only a few components are faulty.
We do quality repairs and we stand by our work which is why we are the only one in Thailand to provide a 6 months warranty, proof of our professionalism.

We are the logicboard repair specialists in Thailand with more than 150 5-stars reviews and with the longest warranty period. We use the best tools on the market to diagnose and repair Mac logicboards. Please check our FaceBook and Google reviews and make the right choice before sending your Mac to someone else who might destroy it beyond repair. With us you are making no mistake!

- MacBook Logicboard Repair: 6,000-9,000 bahts (depending on the model)
- iMac Logicboard Repair: 8,000 bahts
- Mac Mini Logicboard Repair: 6,000 bahts

We receive Macs from Koh Lanta, Krabi, Kao Lak, Samui, etc... weekly. Our customers trust us, recommend us and we have never failed them. Feel safe to send us your Mac. We'll guide you through it to make sure your MacBook, iMac or MacMini arrives quickly and safely.


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